Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be assured you will do as you say?

There are many ways you can assure yourself about our service:
Read what our customers say who have used the service before here.
You can email us with questions you have about our service or your concerns about placing an order.
You can call our office in Kampala, Nsambya Kilombe. and talk to us
You can contact the organizations we work with in Uganda i.e Nakumatt, Uchumi , Shoprite ,

How do I place an order ?

To place an order for any item you must be a registered member on If you are not a member (Register Here) Select the type of product/service you want to purchase fill in quanity in numeric value and click on add to cart. You can add as many items in the cart .Once done click on the shopping cart to checkout the following page will ask you to provide us with the recipient's name and contact information, we strongly prefer you give us the recipients mobile phone number. You can also include a message to accompany (this message shouldn't contain any sensitive information such as pins, passwords, tracking number.. etc).

How to pay for your order

You can pay using Paypal, credit card, debit card, money order, direct bank deposit, or through a registered agent. (We accept all cards with the Visa or MasterCard logo on them) Using a credit or debit card makes the order process much faster. We dont store any of your card information on our site .Our website uses a secure server that guarantees privacy and security on all payment transactions. Your transaction security is very important to us.

Paying with a credit or debit card
We accept all cards with the Visa or MasterCard logo on them through Paypal.
To avoid issues of fraud, we may sometimes put your order on hold until it is manually verified. This will create a slight delay. To help us expedite the hold, please call or send us an email.

Can I get a refund?
Yes you can! For the following two reasons we offer refunds instantly for more details please read more about our refund policy.

How do we contact the recipient?
We primarily contact a recipient using SMS, If there is no response, we will call them. If there is still no response, we will contact the sender and ask for better contact details.

Should I (the sender) contact the recipient?

Yes! You can let them know that their order is on the way and when they can collect it. Please quote the order number we give you. Sometimes, recipients are skeptical about our service and will not come to our office unless the sender asks them to collect the surprise from us. You need not contact a recipient if the order is for delivery.

Do you charge recipients money for recieving.
No. We dont charge them anything all costs are paid by the sender.

Am living outside Uganda and am not a ugandan can i send some one an item in Uganda.
Yes you can shop them that person in uganda the item .

Can you deliver to other countries other than uganda, e.g USA, CANADA.
No , All deliveries are done locally we don't support international shipments .

Am not much used to the US Dollars can i change to a different currency .
log on to click on sign in , after siging in click on currency at the top right hand corner and select a currency of you choice on the list.

Can i forward an Order ?
Yes ,for example if you are living in uganda and your brother/sponsor is in the UK. Talk to him about the service then start add items to your cart . continue to place the order once done click on Forward Order, fill in your brothers/sponsors mobile phone and email. a link will be sent requesting for funds. Once payment has been made your items will be delivered to you.

In case of a problem whom do I contact?
There are a number of ways you can reach us. The most reliable is through email, check on our contact us page for more contact information

Emergency: +256774603668

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  • Emergency: +256774603668
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