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my mastercard has failed to work , i was paying for Order No. ***Censored 4 Public*** what can i do ? i need my items to be delivered soon . This is the same card i used on 4th December 2012 on order ***Censored 4 Public*** i need a quick reply from you . benon., in Bologna , italy

Japan uganda, i really feel am close to my family with your service. can you please add more food items. , Lumonde, Millet , Posho .. , merry x-mas.

BiG , BIG , Big . thank you. i have been here in Guatemala. everything is also double cost. banks charge almost the same amount if you are sending to Africa and for foreigners you can't send money out.but you guys your prices really favor me alot i can't stop sending something at home. Here is my last order No. ***Censored 4 Public*** Thank you Benard Email: ***Censored 4 Public***@*****.*** Mob. +***Censored 4 Public***

it was pleasure to get such wonderful surprise for my spouse in Kampala and thanks Easyuganda for the good gifts you have. I wish you do something on the timing of delivering the gifts down there.Otherwise I was impressed alot.keep the good work.

Nambatya. bulijjo nawe guno omukutu ogukozesa? Ha ha! mbebaza nnyo emirimu mutuyamba kinene nnyo kubanga abamu kuffe tetulina budde genda mubanka ate n'emiwendo jamwe mirungi nnyo ddala

Excellent . woow.. my people at home really had a great weekend wow. the SEKOKO was delicious, yammmm yammmmy.. you cool our hearts while we are away from our loved ones, Add more food stuffs.. on this new site

Opio julius
Thank you for your work, I was much very happy when you called me .My family was very happy with the surprise delivery , i cant stop recommending to friends over here..

Cliff .b
United States
my last order was delivered on time. I have nothing bad to say about Shop Uganda. I remember one time when my order wasn't delivered, I contacted Easyuganda and they delivered the next day. Keep up the good work you are doing.

I nolonger need to worry how i will pay for my internet bills, Umeme bills ,Gotv bills, husband in France does it all at his side. I only call to say "Thank you Darling." Kip it up.

I can only say a BIG THANK YOU to u for a quick fast and efficient service offered and the Money got delivered right on time, plus an email sent from Easyuganda to me to conform all was in order. I will definitely recommend this website for all that they have advertised! Fuel/Tv /Internet / money/ vouchers etc Thank you once again

Sekitto meddie
ShopUganda has been absolutely wonderful in terms of their delivery, product range, responsiveness etc..

Hi, i live in Holland, and used shop uganda to send some flowers to my girlfriend in Ndejje,Uganda. I like the site and i hope to use it more. For me its very interesting to know if its possible to deliver products from you site to a place in Uganda.

Baguyz.. mulibamanyi . nnyo. my family had never eaten Turkey ("SEKOKO") i was so much surprised to see that bird here too. I can't leave it out when ever am shopping for them .i miss ekimere kye uganda.. ntumila milly,erina n'e Antie keefa mbagala.. nnyo.

United Arab Emirates
At first when a friend told me about this site , i really never took it serious it had alot of amazing stuffs and what amazed me most are the trips(safari)..long time i was looking for some one who can take my family out on a day outing . you just came at the right time. i surprised my Old maama, she had never been to Kampala. she really visited nice places as she explained. to me on phone, she had nice dishes throughout that day . My mum will never forget that day in her life. I really felt the same way . long stay , u really keep us close. to our loved ones.

Ritah .k
Excellent service from easyuganda. Always helpful with tracing orders. I have used them over a dozen times now and they have never failed to deliver. Keep up the good work.

... The first time I tried out this service there was a bit of a hitch and the parcel arrived late, however this was immediately sorted out and the other time I used this service the recipient was thoroughly OVERWHELMED ... I will definitely keep using them to surprise my friends and family back home ...

I found this site more reliable and trustworthy when it came to paying Tv monthly subscriptions ,internet monthly charges and other utility bills . it gave me hope and rise again . i cant stop funding the charity organization now i know what i pay for is what they get . thank you and Gods blessing to all.

We have now resubscribed several times, the DSTV and Internet of our friends in Uganda. We are very satisfied (fast and reliable). It worked very well. Thank you!

great service, prompt delivery was essential and i was not disappointed. Very well done!!

United States
Thank you for taking care of my order, i really appreciate the fact that you came through for me on such short notice. You guys have done a good job for me several times now and i really appreciate your services. Keep it up!!!

United States
Great customer service. My order was delivered on time. I received a phone call confirming delivery of flowers and birthday cake for my daughter directly to her class! I have placed several orders in the past and the customer service and delivery of order has been consistent and outstanding all the time.Keep up the great work!

South Africa
God bless this idea, wonderful way to put a smile on our loved ones is even more valuable than any pay cheque earned.

This is a very good agent and so far it has helped me and my fiance keep in touch believe it or not guys its pays and comparing to others and the rest this is cheaper. I love easyuguganda

Ssentongo .p
I had a problem using a credit card to make the payment....and i ended up using mtn mobile money.... cheers.. Afrika zulu

Mugisha. e
United Kingdom
Hi,thanx for giving us this opportunity to leave feedback.I have been using Easyuganda for a while now and i have had 100% satisfaction each time.The customer care received when i,ve had to call was spot on,thanx.Keep up,EU guys
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